13th Singapore Short Cuts

  • Gallery Theatre, Basement
  • 15 Oct 2016 - 23 Oct 2016
  • 2pm
  • Free admission with tickets

Celebrating its 13th season this year, Singapore Short Cuts continues to be one of the most popular and widely anticipated showcases of local short films in Singapore. Alongside post-screening discussions with the filmmakers, the programme features a diverse selection of Singapore short films from documentaries to animation and experimental work. Some of the filmmakers whose films have been featured in Singapore Short Cuts include Victric Thng, Eva Tang, Boo Junfeng, Anthony Chen, Tan Pin Pin and Eric Khoo.

First Weekend Schedule

15 October  
Total running time: 49 mins  

October Cherries
(Cristy Amanda Rodrigues, 2015)

Cristy Rodrigues’s film perfectly captures the friendship between the men from The October Cherries through all their ups and downs.

Bila Larut Malam /In the Still of the Night
(Sanif Olek, 2015)

In the Still of The Night pays homage to the classic post-war Nusantara-Malay films of Southeast Asia, such as films by legendary Malay auteurs P. Ramlee and Hussin Hanif.

Void Deck Love Story
(Matthew Foo, 2016)

Void Deck Love Story strives to capture fleeting shared experiences of the void deck through a series of whimsical encounters.

My Father After Dinner / 隔夜饭
(Gladys Ng, 2015)

Gladys Ng’s My Father After Dinner, is a thinly-veiled biographical family drama focused on the relationship between a girl and her father.
16 October
Total running time: 50 mins

The Nameless
(Ho Tzu Nyen, 2015)
PG13, Some Violence

Appropriating scenes from 16 different films featuring Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai, The Nameless tells the story of Lai Teck, a real-life triple agent operating in post-war Malaya.

For We Are Strangers
(Nicole Midori Woodford, 2015)
NC16, Brief Sexual Scene

For We Are Strangers dwells upon the psyche of a prison counsellor, Xuan, who slowly succumbs to the trauma of her past.

Study of a Singaporean Face
(Kan Lume and Megan Wonowidjoyo, 2015)

Study of a Singaporean Face captures a Singaporean zeitgeist in stop-motion sequences of impressionistic pencil drawings.

Three the Peehood
(Kapie Eipak, 2015)
R21, Sexual Scenes and Nudity

With a hypnotic blend of fluid line animation and repetitive sound design, Kapie Eipak’s Three the Peehood, subverts society’s repressive call for conformity.
Ways of Seeing
(Jerrold Chong, 2015)

Jerrold Chong's Ways of Seeing presents two visually impaired strangers and the connections made between them.

Second Weekend Schedule

22 October
Total running time: 62 mins

Being, As a Horse
(Mark Chua, 2015)

Being, As a Horse is a whimsical take on the nature of personal freedom performed by two men with horses as heads.

An Autumn Afternoon
(Lei Yuan Bin, 2015)

An Autumn Afternoon
documents a visit to master Japanese film director Ozu Yasujiro’s grave in Kita-Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Silent Light
(Liao Jiekai, 2015)

An intoxicating cocktail of found footage and home movie aesthetics, Silent Light dwells deep into the psyche of a restless filmmaker in love with the material world of cinema.

The Sarkais
(Joshua Lau, 2016)

Like its cryptic title, the heart of The Sarkais remains a delicate enigma not to be unravelled but savoured.

5 Dollars for a Passport / 五块钱的护照
(Jason Ye, 2015)

In 5 Dollars for a Passport, filmmaker Jason Ye sets out on a journey across the Causeway to find out about his father’s past.

(Terry Ong, 2016)

Untitled is the latest experiment short film by filmmaker Terry Ong exploring intangible connections between people.
23 October
Total running time: 71 mins

Coney Island
(Rashad Bin Faizal, 2016)
Rating TBA

A film about the shifting nature of friendship and the abandonment of youth on Coney island’s characteristically remote woodlands.

Open Sky / 其实哪里都好
(Tan Jingliang, 2015)

Tan Jingliang’s Open Sky expresses the depth of friendship between two friends and the uneasy reconciliation between the ideals of adolescence and the realities of surviving young adulthood in Singapore.

Happily Ever After / 祝你幸福
(Shaun Neo/Apple Ong/ Pek Hong Kun, 2015)

Happily Ever After attempts to add layers of meaning to the ubiquity of wedding photography services. Three wedding photography sessions are framed in long shots to provide viewers with unfettered access to the dynamics of a family.

(Rave Phua, 2015)
NC16, Some Coarse Language

In its unflinching sense of honesty on display in front of and behind the camera, Quinn transcends the typical issues-driven subject matter to reveal a truth more startling in its humanity.

The Drawing Room & Episodes from Art Studio
(Liao Jiekai, 2016)
PG13, Some Nudity

Liao Jiekai’s exploration of the tangible amid the intangible continues with a loose abstraction of Yeng Pway Ngon’s Art Studio in the form of a short film.

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