Cinémathèque Selects

  • Gallery Theatre, Basement
  • 08 Apr 2017
  • 2pm — 4pm
  • Free admission with tickets.

Cinémathèque Selects

Cinémathèque Selects is a monthly screening that profiles the boldest filmmakers and most inventive productions from Singapore’s past to its present. Each session is accompanied by a Question and Answer session with the Singaporean film-maker. Focusing on diverse aspects of film-making, from directing to producing, script writing to cinematography and art direction, the series is a study of important local productions.

Ticketing Information
Free admission with tickets. Free tickets can be collected via the link below.
Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, and limited to four tickets per person. 


Two Sides of the Bridge
Directors: Lim Meng Chew (a.k.a. Lim Ann) & Tan Chang Meng (a.k.a Chen Ge)
1976 / Colour / 90 mins / TBA

The final of three local feature films produced by the Chong Gay Organisation in the mid-1970s, Two Sides of the Bridge chronicles the relationship of a young couple, Rufei and Lingfeng, who face the pressures of living in a rapidly transforming Singapore. While Lingfeng is contented with her job at a textile factory while attending night classes to improve herself, Rufei is lured by a high-paying job at a money-lending firm and gives in to material desires and self-indulgence. Returning to his rural home in Kelantan to evade a heavy debt, Rufei finds quietude but becomes embroiled in a ploy by drug traffickers and is eventually prosecuted for his crimes. The only Chong Gay film made by a local cast and crew, it appealed to audiences of the time with its “healthy”, realist portrayal of life in urban Singapore.

In Mandarin with English and Malay subtitles.

Please note that the Question and Answer session that follows will be conducted in Mandarin.

​Image courtesy of Wong Han Min.

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