Art of the Rehearsal

  • Level 1, Gallery10
  • Daily from 10am – 5pm (10am – 12pm from 28 Apr to 31 Jul 2017)
  • Free admission

Art of the Rehearsal
Daily | 10pm – 5pm

Art of the Rehearsal is a three-channel immersive video installation by multidisciplinary artist Sarah Choo Jing. This artwork depicts Singaporean dancers across various cultures practicing along the back lanes of cultural districts in the city. Reflecting on the rigorous and intense training behind the performance, the artist seeks to bring out the consistent determination of the performers. The emphasis of the installation work is on the process rather than on the final outcome.

The dance performance in the video is presented by Apsaras Arts Ltd, Era Dance Theatre and Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre.

*Please note that Gallery10 will be closed on 12 Sep for a private event.

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Gallery10 is an experimental space where the traditionally binary ideas of art and science are both celebrated and deconstructed, and their boundaries transcended and redefined to present an immersive, multi-disciplinary exploration of the world around us.

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