Our docents and volunteers are the soul of our museum they help bring the stories behind our artefacts to life. Over the years, NMS’s family of museum volunteers and docents has grown from strength to strength, counting amongst them private organisations such as Friends of the Museums (FOM), Museums Volunteers (MV) and Mandarin Docents (MD), with individuals who are simply passionate about sharing their love for Singapore’s history and heritage.

As part of the Friends of the Museums (FOM), the Japanese Docents (JD) group contributes towards the learning of Singapore’s history and culture through guided tours conducted in Japanese.

While the Friends of the Museums (FOM) and Japanese Docents (JD) guide mainly on weekdays, the Museum Volunteers (MV) and Mandarin Docents (MD) support the museum and promote the arts and culture scene in Singapore by providing weekend guided tours in English and Mandarin respectively mainly on weekends.

These groups not only promote learning through guided tours, but also through various programmes such as lectures, trails, and workshops. They also work very closely with the museum staff on content-related matters and provide useful on-the-ground feedback on visitor experience.

Their zeal and enthusiasm is something the National Museum is very grateful for.

For enquiries regarding weekdays English guiding with the Friends of the Museums (FOM), please contact: 6337 3685 or e-mail office@fom.sg.

For enquiries regarding weekdays Japanese guiding with the Japanese Docents (JD), please e-mail jdmuseumguide@yahoo.co.jp.

For enquiries regarding weekend English guiding with the Museums Volunteers (MV), please e-mail NHB_NM_Volunteer@nhb.gov.sg.

For enquiries regarding Mandarin guiding with the Mandarin Docents (MD), please e-mail NHB_NM_Volunteer@nhb.gov.sg.

For general enquiries regarding NMS's Volunteer Engagement programmes and recruitment, please e-mail NHB_NM_Volunteer@nhb.gov.sg.

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