Museum Host

Museum Host Recruitment 2017 is now open! 

If you have always had an interest in the arts and culture and want to help run a national museum, the Museum Host programme is for you. Please visit our Join Us page to apply. Application closes on 30 Nov 2017.

About Museum Hosts 

Museum Hosts (MHs) are volunteers who provide valuable services and contributions to the museum in many ways. The roles of MHs range from front-desk assistance, to supporting the museum’s programmes and festivals, as well as acting as ambassadors of the National Museum and helping to enhance the visitor experience through meaningful interaction.

MHs undergo a six-week orientation and training programme where they will be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to fully support the museum’s initiatives and to meet the needs of different visitors. MHs add a personal touch to the visitor experience and have a good understanding of both the operational aspects of the museum as well as content within the galleries.

For enquires regarding the Museum Hosts (MHs), please contact

Author: National Museum of Singapore
Last Modified: 24 Jul 2017